Bernard Roberts

"It is so cool and contemporary, the building (The Ritz-Carlton Residences - 10 West Street New York, NY 10004) and the features cordinate perfectly periodt. Thanks David for being great"

Imogen Short

"While I am not a resident just yet, I did want to share my experience as I had an excellent time touring the 2 bed 2 bath at 45 E 85th St. I arrived an hour before closing for an unannounced visit and Amanda quickly and professionally told me everything I needed to know about the location, drew me a map and pointed me towards everything I could have needed to see. At a first impression, the gym and other amenities were excellent and the entire location had a very premium feel. If my experience with Amanda is any indication of how residents are treated, living at 45 E 85th St seems like an excellent decision in the Assembly area!"

Morgan Hussain

"I moved into the one bedroom apartment at 7031 108th St #8J Flushing, NY 11375 a month ago and it’s been a great experience! I chose to live here due to the  convenient surrounding shopping area. It is truly a lovely place to live. The apartment amenities are great, the gym is super nice and having an Amazon hub in the building. I have felt very safe and comfortable living here. The staff has also been very welcoming and helpful. I had the pleasure of working with David Reeder during the leasing process. He has been an enormous help during leasing, and moving in especially since I had to move in a hurry! I would definitely recommend Short Let Housing services to someone moving to the New York City."

Georgia Hutchinson

"Just moved (4 days ago) to the 540 W 28th St #4C apt on Assembly Row with my girlfriend and our dog. We had to move under extenuating circumstances but the move-in was made super smooth by the leasing team and especially David Reeder. We asked David a hundred questions every day and he was always courteous, kind and polite and got back to us with the answer even if he could not answer in the moment.
The apartment is modular and well-suited for people with the need for individualized spaces (work-from-home situations). Assembly Row provides a downtown feel with the neighborhood. Will be updating this review once I have experienced the place a little more but if the apartment experience is anything like that with the leasing team and David, then it should be wonderful."

Huette Deschamps

"Short Let Housing is one of the best agencies I have ever rented an apartment from. I leased a bedroom apt (#4E in 475 Park Ave ) for 2 months. The location, the convenience, the maintenance team, and front office staff are extremely professional and made our stay extremely pleasant. Great amenities, very clean, very responsive team, and luxurious living."

Brie Echeverri

"I love making use of RMH services, their staffs are always around to assist. Shops, restaurants and cafes is very close to the 1 bedroom apartment at 200 11th Ave I always lease from them for short term whenever I have projects in NYC. Location is very easy because of the line train. The best thing I love about RMH llc, their staffs are highly professional. They hardly allow inquirers to disturb me during my tenancy period. The house architecture is very different and has a huge storage area which is not in the bed room. I definitely recommend RMH llc to anyone who needs a comfortable apt at affordable price."

Zdenko Vuković

"We've been living here (Steel Lofts - 13320 Beach Ave  Marina Del Rey, CA 90292) for 2 months and are very happy here. Maintenance issues are resolved in a timely manner and the maintenance staff here is pretty darn good. They did awesome job on our home, thank you about it. The office staff who is Amanda always polite and courteous and attentive to our needs. Rents are affordable and the property is, for the most part kept clean. We believe in being clean courteous neighbors and hope all neighbors share the same sentiment. I strongly recommend Short Let Housing."

Else Petersen

"I’ve lived here for a little over two months now, and I can easily give Short Let Housing 5 stars! I am so glad I moved here. The building staff "The Pnade Residences" as a whole have been incredibly helpful, accessible and very nice whenever I’ve needed help with anything from moving in, to large deliveries. I couldn’t be happier with my unit and the ease of booking amenities or maintenance requests. Not to mention it’s right next to the water and a beautiful walkway when you need to get some fresh air. If you’re thinking about moving here, you won’t regret it!"

Gerth Davidsen

"I lived here for two years and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Apartments are reasonably priced for the area and the management team is amazing. They are very responsive and made sure both my move in and move out was very smooth. I actually did an internal transfer to one of the other Short Let Housinglon properties and the process was very simple and straightforward (special thanks to David). The maintenance team is also really good and took care of our requests in a timely manner (especially John)."

Mille Lorenzen

"Ritz Carlton in Battery Park is my dream apartment. I’ve never been more impressed with an agency with the way I feel about Rent My Home llc. They are very accommodating and welcoming. Everything is so easy and organized here. The area around Ritz Carlton in Battery Park has everything I need and want in a walking distance, not to mention it’s so close to the T. I am so grateful I got the chance to live here and I would highly recommend Ritz Carlton in Battery Park if you’re looking to live in NYC."

Liya Medhane

"Ritz Carlton in Battery Park is a great place to live! Everyone has been so friendly in the year that we've lived here. John in maintenance has been super helpful whenever we need something fixed (though, luckily that is rare) and Marcelle in the front office was very helpful when we decided to move to another apartment in the building in the middle of our lease. I would highly recommend anyone to live here. While the rent is pretty steep the amenities, location, and friendliness of staff really make it worth it."

Helen Hamid

"Third month since moving in during the midst of the pandemic. TQuadomain III, hands down is worth the great rating it has. Moving-in experience was the best I’ve had having lived in different apartments in and around Miami. Loading dock was 24/7, and our U-Haul is parked steps away from the elevator. Floor plan is definitely bigger than it is on paper, for its design to maximize usage. Leasing and maintenance staff have always been attentive to questions and problems."

Thomas Humphery

"Moving to San Francisco after a year at MIRA SF.
Exceptional location! The Short Let Housing team is great!
I am very happy. Monica Martinez, you are the best!
If I move back to SF area, I will live here again!"

Aparicio Angulo

Update 5/2017:  "I've lived here for 3 years now. I've never been happier. The public transportation is great, wonderful neighbors, excellent facilities. The staff is just simply the best. Living in a luxury building comes with high expectations but the Short Let Housing staff is amazing. They are responsive, listen and do that little bit extra to make your experience the best. Premium pricing but the utilities are so low compared to everywhere else. The new construction and high efficiency have month after month proven to be a bargain. The resident events are lots of fun, lots of great people to live with. When people ask me what it's like living here I tell them, "It's like living in a Vegas hotel just without the room service!"

Update 02/14/21
"I still live here and continue to be impressed with the service and Short Let Housing ilability of the staff and maintenance. They maintain effective communication to keep us informed on developments, alert us to local events and offerings. They also keep the place clean and working fully, even with the pandemic. They take all the required precautions and respect your time and property. All the maintenance people go above and beyond to assist any job, big or small. John and Brandon fixed my washer/dryer perfect. I continue to be impressed with Short Let Housing services.

Absolutely worth every penny"
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